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Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth is organized to guarantee a public voice in issues of land and water use. The group pledges to advocate for the promotion, maintenance, and conservation of the natural resources, farmland, waterways and open spaces of Dorchester County.


Dorchester Citizens for Planned Growth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2004 for the purpose of providing a public voice on land and water use issues in Dorchester County, Maryland. It supports strong county and city (City of Cambridge) comprehensive plans that direct growth while preserving the rural character of towns and villages and protecting the farming, fishing and forestry industries. It initially formed to address a proposed mega-development project in Dorchester County consisting of 3200 homes. DCPG founders reached out to the community and local government officials with their concerns about the environmental and cultural impacts this development project would have on Dorchester County. As a result of DCPG’s involvement, the development project was greatly reduced. In addition, DCPG’s work activated the local citizenry who now believe that they can make a difference by offering input that will influence decision-making about the future of Dorchester County


The DCPG Board of Directors is made up of volnteers who live in Dorchester County and represent a variety of backgrounds and professions, coming together to preserve the things that give Dorchester its unique character.



DCPG Board of Directors:

Fred Pomeroy, (President)

Richard Ball (Vice President)

Jan Boettger (Treasurer)

Diane Miller (Secretary)

Peg Anzalone

Ben Boettger

Pat Comella

Roman Jesien

Lex Lowe

Susan Olsen


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